Ageless Male Plan A friend of mine made the switch

Ageless Male Plan How many times have you seen this? You walk into your gym and you instantly see a group of guys working in a squat rack loading it up with as much weight as they can get on there only to pound out one repetition with terrible form?

It is likely that it is a daily occurrence at your gym.

While that should not be a problem when it comes to your own workout, but take it from a person who has spent the myriad of his time at the gym lifting like a meat-head, the amount of weight that the person next to you is doing really weighs in on your own ego. You tell yourself, “I can do that,” so you load up the bar and start doing the exact same thing with the exact same poor form.

Your progress is not going to go very far when it comes to poor form.

A friend of mine made the switch a while back to go from your typical gym to something a little more guided. A gym that focuses on making sure that every single repetition is done with the same perfect form or it does not count and you have to do it again. It was not long after that he was able to talk me into joining him. Ageless Male The first couple of weeks were absolutely brutal because of one major problem, mobility.

When you are working out in the gym many people often forget that stretching part of their workout that will help to increase their range of motion and improve their form.

It should extend even farther than the gym doors as well. These mobility and simple stretching exercises can be done on your living room floor in front of the television at night. It does not take a long time, ten to fifteen minutes to really loosen up those muscles and tendons.

This will allow your body to make a full range of motion when it comes to doing exercises like the back or front squat. This will let your hips dip below your knee hitting just about every single muscle in your leg, and when that happens you are working more muscle fibers, building more lean tissue, and thus burning more calories.

The next time you find yourself at the gym start by working on different mobility exercises to loosen up the muscles that you are intending to work that day. It would even be wise to loosen up ones that you are not going to be using as well so that when that day comes you will be ready for it.

It is not about how much weight you can move, it is about how much weight you can move the farthest distance safely

By doing it in an inappropriate or improper fashion, you are not gaining any of the benefits from lifting weights. On the other hand, even wrong exercises carry some risk or danger of injury. So you are actually inviting harm without getting any advantages. So don’t cheat yourself in the performance of your workout routines.

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