BrainZyme Plan Muscular development doesn’t happen overnight

BrainZyme Plan Muscular Despite popular belief lifting weights will not make females bulky, masculine or overly muscular just by doing them on their own.

There are many things that stop us ladies from developing that over muscular, overtly masculine physique. Lifting weights will however give you a beautiful bikini body, here is why. BrainZyme

Lifting weights increases muscle mass, more muscle mass gives your metabolism a kick start. As we age, our muscle mass declines, which also causes our metabolism to slow, often leading to unflattering “bingo wings” or that “spare tyre” around the mid-section that we all hate. By lifting weights you will reverse the decrease in muscle mass and therefore kickstart your metabolism and kickstart your journey to your amazing bikini body!

This also leads us into my next point, having more muscle mass actually allows you to burn more calories, by doing NOTHING! Yes that’s right, just by having more muscle mass you can burn more calories. Each pound of muscle burns 30 calories per day just to sustain itself. So build that muscle to burn more fat!

Finally, the third beautiful reason why girls should lift, is lifting weights will give you that toned, fit physique that you have been burning your bum off doing hours of cardio. Once you push your body to do weights and resistance training you will notice those lean curves you have been wanting will quickly develop, as long as you are pushing your muscles to transform. The fastest route to that lean, toned physique is by doing weights.

To get that muscular physique that you see on female physique competitors and body builders you also need to have your diet on point and to be lifting heavy and training in a particular way. If you are lifting weights and watching your diet, don’t worry, unless it is highly improbable that you will develop that gargantuan “masculine” look. Women have lower testosterone and consume a lot fewer calories than men, which means it is an uphill battle from the outset to ever get close to that hulk physique.

Muscular development doesn’t happen overnight, you can always modify your routine if you do feel like you are becoming too muscular.

So lean (or want to be lean ladies) don’t be afraid to lift! I know I was, but as soon as I started incorporating lots of weights (especially compound weights/resistance exercises) into my workout regime, the fat literally fell off me!

I finally achieved that amazing toned, lean shape I had always yearned for!In the same way, you must consistently avoid doing the wrong things that will take you away from your goal. Knowing how important rest is for developing muscles, you must resist the temptation to keep on exercising till you drop from exhaustion.

That is counterproductive. You should avoid trying to workout all parts of your body at once, instead rotating between upper and lower body exercises.then you’ll be on the fast track to gaining muscle and building your body.

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