Chantel St Claire Amazon Many guys want to gain lean

Chantel St Claire Amazon Chantel St Claire Many guys want to gain lean muscle mass, but find it tough to achieve this. Skinny guys have such a hard time putting on any weight at all, and oftentimes their efforts seem to be futile. Bigger guys likewise want to be ripped and although they can gain weight, it’s often fat and not muscle. What is a guy supposed to do?

Don’t give up quickly

First and foremost, before any other advice is given you should develop a determined attitude. Be determined that you WILL achieve a ripped body and that you WILL get there. Never give up. Remember the words of Michael Jordan who said “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” Know that if you initially fail in your endeavours to develop a ripped physique with lean muscle mass, you WILL eventually succeed if you get back on your feet immediately and try again.

Bodybuilding Information Overload

You don’t have to look very far to find an array of information and advice on how to develop lean muscle mass. There’s bodybuilding magazines, pamphlets and posters at the gym, guys at the gym telling you how they do it, internet forums and blogs, websites, books and DVD’S (information overload). Despite the fact that there’s more information than ever before on how to get a lean body, guys are still finding it hard to gain lean muscle and get ripped. What’s the problem?

The problem is that most of the advice out there is fake, fraudulent and junky. It is written by money-hungry people who often know nothing about bodybuilding, and only want to make a quick buck. Many so-called “experts” Chantel St Claire  who sell poor guys information and advice on how to get lean and muscular don’t even follow their own advice. And it’s a good thing that they don’t too, because if they followed their own advice they wouldn’t get very far themselves. So if you want to get a ripped body you need to find non-fraudulent information, written by an expert in that field.

Find Proper Advice

What can a guy do amongst all of this junky information? Is developing lean muscle mass possible?

First of all, find out if the advice is legitimate. Who is the creator of this bodybuilding program? Does the guy who wrote it have qualifications and experience? If you can’t even find the author of the bodybuilding information, perhaps they are trying to hide their “zero-experience in this field” identity.

Second, who has had success on this program? Can you find enough evidence and legitimate testimonials that this program actually works? Again, if you can’t find much evidence that other guys have had success from this program, think twice before spending any money on it.

Finally, is the information to build lean muscle mass based on and backed up by science (the science of bodybuilding and of the human body)? Is the program created on the knowledge of the mechanisms of muscle growth and of the skeletal muscle system?

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