Dapovar Knowledge is power

Dapovar Knowledge is power and with the constantly changing discoveries on muscle gain and fat-loss we need to keep up to date on these latest interventions. A good example is when HIIT (high intensity interval training) was first discovered in the 1990’s, it changed the way we add muscle.

After millions of dollars have been spent by the research companies and manufacturers on specific issues related to muscle gain it becomes freely available to the general public very quickly. With the Internet now available to nearly 80% of the world’s population information is free and easy.

If your specific objective is to gain muscle then you need to learn how to converse with your body. When you train on a regular basis you learn about your limitations and your capacity to heal. It is a self-discovery that all starts with education.

Today we can get up to date information online directly from the people who did the research. Whether Dapovar the information is about some new product like creatine that has just been launched or a study showing the results of training differently for a few months.

The point is that the more knowledge you can get about planning your own workouts correctly the better your results will be. Muscle gain on a permanent basis is not easy to achieve and only comes from planning. The more specific the plan is to build muscle the better the results.

The basic ten commandments that are required to be included in anyone’s lifestyle who wants to continue adding muscle to their frame is listed below, the reader should know that any loss of these ‘ten commandments’ will reduce the chances of you gaining muscle on a permanent basis.

• Progressive resistance is essential for muscle growth and that means if you do not get stronger you will not increase the muscle that you currently have on your body. From decreasing rest time between sets to increasing the weight that you lift, your training has to be always pushing to get stronger.

• Avoiding the dreaded training plateau where you continue to train on a regular basis but stop gaining strength. If your muscles adapt to the stress of a good workout repeated on a regular basis it will then stop growing. There are countless ways to help you break through a plateau that range from doing drop sets, forced reps, eccentrics, tempo training and many more.

• Muscle gain comes from increasing your core strength and that comes from doing compound movements on a regular basis. These movements can have many different variations on the sets and reps that are done as well as the way the rep is performed.

• Training with tempo reps every 6 to 8 weeks can ensure that you will not get stuck in a training plateau. Simple adaptation to a 4/2/o or a 2-1-2 tempo when you train can make a big difference to the muscle growth because of TUT (time under tension) that you get from training with tempo in mind.

• Without nutrition your intense workouts will only result in you losing muscle as you eventually over-train.

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