HydraBelle Plan I was told my entire life

HydraBelle Plan So you’re a skinny guy. You have always been skinny. Everyone has told you you’ll always be skinny. That’s a load of crap! My 16th birthday I weighed an impressive 128 pounds. This was after I had already been lifting for a couple of months. One day, I got sick of how I looked and felt. I decided that I would take full advantage of my time. I understood that I had, and still have, a great opportunity-

It would not squandered. I trained in my room every single day. I knew absolutely nothing about working out and even less about proper nutrition. I remember starting out with 10′s on dumbbell bench press and doing around 30 reps before failing. I want your ectomorph transformation to create a whole new you!

My Ectomorph Transformation Story

I was told my entire life that I would be skinny, that my genetics were disabling. If you are small, don’t buy into it- you can have a crazy transformation- one that completely changes your perspective on yourself as a person. One day I decided to change that, to develop a mindset that would break free from social conditioning. I made the decision that I would determine my results. You have to create a process-oriented mindset- one that isn’t dictated by the results you’re getting. For example, progressing may become HydraBelle difficult as you progress in your bodybuilding and fitness goals. You can not accomplish greater things with the same training and focus that you currently have. Therefore, enjoy the journey and be immersed in the process. You have to love what you do at the end of the day. There has to be a desire within you that screams for greatness, that demands respect.

You have to understand how valuable time is. You will never get back today. There are 86,400 seconds in a day. Are you going to use them productively? Are you going to be proactive in your approach to accomplishing what you want in life? Know this, set a specific target that you want to reach, and set a date for when you want to accomplish it. Then just DECIDE that you are going to follow it out. Never toe the middle line, waiting for your chance to become something extraordinary. You have to make your chance. Demand more from yourself and strive to break free from what society says true success is. An ectomorph transformation is very possible; tune out negative feedback- it does nothing for you.

There is no Finish Line!

Throughout my senior year of high school I lifted consistently. It was also the first time I attempted to eat with a purpose. I would bring tubs of food to class and chow down.

I also learned that over-training is real; I lifted at both school and home for a period of about a month and made no gains. I laid off the school workout, which is optional for seniors. My gains started to progress again. I was the only senior on my football team that still lifted.

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