StackT 360 It reduces catabolism and boosts the release

StackT 360 It reduces catabolism and boosts the release of growth hormone and muscle cell volume. Though it is found abundantly in the body, glutamine is depleted during exercise. Part of the reason that it should be supplemented is because it is the predominant amino acid in the skeletal muscle.

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI):

Whey Protein is essential to any bodybuilding diet. It can provide a steady supply of amino acids once it enters the blood stream. WPI is absorbed immediately and can enhance lean mass gains, growth hormone release and body fat reduction.


It helps prevent muscle soreness post-workout and can increase muscle intensity and strength. StackT 360 Caffeine also helps to mobilize fat cells to the blood. It should be taken pre-workout.

Foods are the best choice for choosing your required nutritional needs. However, there are some factors to be considered such as the rate at which food can be digested and the nutrient profile of the food. For these reasons, supplements can play a part in a bodybuilding diet to encourage muscle growth a recovery.


This may seem strange to include in a bodybuilding diet where one is working to transform their physique but research has proven it be incredibly useful. It ensures that your glycogen is not depleted from the muscle cells post-workout. Sugars like dextrose and maltodextrin also spike your insulin levels that aids in pushing the nutrients from other sources back to your muscle cells. Consume 30g of sugar in the form of snakes or gummie bears post workout.


Pre-workout meals should be balanced with the precise amounts of nutrients of protein and fast and slow digesting carbohydrates. Take note that you should consume energy from carbs that can be immediately used during an extensive routine. Examples of these include: starchy carbohydrates such as white rice, and bread. Protein should also be fast-digesting and they include: egg whites and whey protein isolate.


Catabolism is the process wherein a state of muscle-wasting occurs. This is the reverse of anabolism and is usually observed after an extensive workout. Additionally, right after your routine, glycogen is depleted from the muscle cells. Glycogen is the stored form of sugar in the muscles and it fuels the muscle during contraction, such as when you are doing your exercises. This is where you need again the fast-digesting carbs to affect also your insulin levels.

In order to refill the glycogen post-workout and push the anabolic process back again, you need to affect your glycogen stores. Thus, a combination of fast-digesting carbs plus fast-digesting proteins such as whey protein isolate is required to get them immediately recruited back to the muscle cells and avoid the catabolic process.

It has also been shown that muscle-building results when you consume the fast-digesting high protein and high simple carbohydrate diet post-workout because this is the time your muscles are demanding for nutrients.

It is also advisable that liquid food such as protein shake is more advantageous than whole-food meal. Whole foods take a lot of time to get digested and assimilated, unlike liquid foods.

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